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How Important is Mobile?

The mobile version of your website says more about you than you might think.

According to statista, “Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide. In the fourth quarter of 2022, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 59.16 percent of global website traffic…”

This statistic alone should make you VERY concerned about how your mobile looks…and we’re here to help!

Mobile FAQs

What is Mobile friendly?

Also called responsive, we make sure your site looks great whether they’re viewing your site on a PC or their preferred mobile device.

Desktop vs. Phone & Tablet?

The great debate as to which is better. There’s no right answer as site visitors could potential use both, that’s why we focus on both.

How often do people search on Mobile?

According to Statista, In the fourth quarter of 2022, mobile devices…generated 59.16 percent of global website traffic.

Are you ONLY focused on Mobile?

No! Since site visitors could use any device or PC we focus on ensuring your site looks great no matter the medium used.

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Ready to spruce up your mobile?

Reach out and we’ll get your mobile in tip-top shape so your website design reflects what you want to say on every device.

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