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We’re dedicated to the non-techie business owner.


How long before I have my new website?

In a rush? Order expedited service to get a our custom website in about a week. It’s typically 30 days to launch.

Can I own my website?

Absolutely! For those of you sick of that website bill we’ve created plans to own the website of your dreams.

What’s needed to build a custom website?

From little more than your logo and what you like we can build a website that matches your specific needs.

How much do your websites cost?

We build fantastic sites for typically a lot less than you’re currently paying. Reach out today for a free consultation.

I’m not a technical person, can you help?

We completely understand. You know your business, we know websites. We’ll make the process fun & painless.

What do you LOVE building?

Business owner websites! We’re thrilled to help small business America engergize their web presence.

We’ll get your new website up in no time.

From client service excellence, to stellar communication, you can count on Yeet Websites to deliver.
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