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Does Your Web Provider Suck?

Things to avoid in a Web Design Company

• Contracts
• Limited Functionality
• Are SLOW to Respond
• Inconsistent Service

• Too Expensive
• Aren’t U.S. Based
• Don’t have Ownership Options
• They Rarely Check on Your Website

How we’re ACTUALLY Different

• Fair & Transparent Pricing
• Old Fashioned Customer Service
• Job Done = Minimal headache
• And More…

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Why Choose Yeet Websites?

Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

No Contracts

No Contracts

Ownership Options

Ownership Options

Multiple Plans

Multiple Plans

Boutique Service

Boutique Service

Higher Conversions

Higher Conversions

Working with us is Easy

Number 1 with Green Circle

What do you need?

Everyone’s needs are different. We’ll help you figure out…is it a website? Online Marketing. Content help on your new website? Whatever it is, we’ll understand your situation fully before recommeding anything.

Number 2 with Green Circle

We get to Work.

With a full understand of your specific needs, now the ball’s in our court. We’ll bring you in to look at mockups to ensure we’re on the right track but you can count on us to do the heavy lifting.

Number 3 with Green Circle

All Done.

At this point you can sit back and relax knowing Yeet Websites has you covered.

Get MORE Done


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Have Questions? We can help.

Currently in 19 states across the U.S. and growing everyday, we’ll help you figure out your Web life. Less hassle, More Yeet.

Web Design Company FAQs

You have Questions, we have answers.

Which company is best for web designing?

It might not be us!

Every client is different and the needs of each client matter more than anything. We’ll get to know you and your project and you can be guaranteed if you’re not a fit for our services we’ll let you know.

That’s not sales talk, that’s Yeetish for honesty.

How much do companies charge to design a website?

You might not like this answer, but it depends.

How big is your project? How many pages? How quick do you need it done by? All these factors and more go into the price.

But rest assured, we have options for every budget so reach out to learn more.

How much should I pay a web designer?

Pay too cheap and you might regret the purchase because no one wants to clean up someone else’s mess. Pay too much and you might not need all the functionality you’re paying for.

Reach out to learn how our simplified process can help you make the right decision.

What is a website design company called?

A website design company can be called many things. In this industry it can be a company, agency, development company, brand and design company.

With us, we’ll explain everything so you know what matters to you and your pocket book. The rest is just fancy industry jargon.

What do most website designers use?

The vast majority of designers use WordPress. We do too!

How do I choose the best affordable web designing company?

This is a tough one.

With all the options out there it’s nearly impossible to get into the weeds of that many companies to have a full understanding of what’s available.

With us, we’ll share payment options that some providers don’t even offer. We’ll shoot it straight every time. That’s a promise.

How do I choose a web development company?

Sometimes the terminology can be misleading.

A web designer can’t create a website without the backend and frontend web development. The code of the website so to speak.

The best way to choose a web development company is to reach out and ask them questions about problems your facing and see if their answers make sense.

How do I hire a web design company?

It’s like shopping for a new fridge or new counter tops. You educate yourself just like you’re doing now, get enough information to be dangerous, and then reach out and see if you like the person on the other end of the web design company.

Usually you’ll know within the first few minutes if it’s a fit and the rest of the conversation will either confirm or persuade you from doing business with them.

Who legally owns a website?

Usually not the client.

But with us, you can own your website which for some clients make a lot of sense. For others, it doesn’t.

Not everyone comes to us with the same challenges, goals and budget. We’ll get to know what you’re all about, what you want to accomplish and from there, show you the options. Usually by then we’re basically sitting on the same side of the table figuring this thing out together.

If that’s the kind of relationship you want with your web design company, reach out.


Who owns my domain name?

With us, you do. Period. We can’t speak for other providers.

If we are the “custodian” of your domain, which means it’s in our account, then we look at that as a fiduciary capacity. We will 100% without question transfer that domain to you at any time you request it. 

You never have to worry about us holding your domain hostage. Your domain is your property as far as we are concerned.

Do real companies use WordPress?

Most definitely yes. The vast majority of websites are powered by WordPress. We also build our websites on WordPress.


Laura Winston
Laura Winston
This company is awesome! Michael has been a joy to work with and is always open to suggestions or wants we have with our website. He is very knowledgeable and wants his customers to be happy with the product he produces! Will recommend to anyone.
Danielle Hubbard
Danielle Hubbard
Noise For Toys John Bradshaw
Noise For Toys John Bradshaw
amazing work & very hands on great experience
Mark Parham
Mark Parham
Excellent work! Great team to work with! I’m very impressed and pleased with the results!
Jeff Ligon
Jeff Ligon
Michael has been the best to work with, because he listens then advises that always placed my concerns first. Michael has a lot of knowledge on website design, and stayed on top of me until the website was finished. He is very easy to communicate with, and always had time for all my questions. I highly recommend Michael with Yeet Websites for your website.
Anibal Cuba
Anibal Cuba
I cannot say enough about how professional working with Michael at Yeet Websites was. He listened to our needs, offered his expertise and knowledge and at no point did I feel pressure. He worked diligently through the process and provided us with an exceptional website. Thank you!
Mike Muhonen
Mike Muhonen
Excellent communication. A+ service
natasha clark
natasha clark
I was contacted by Michael and he immediately stood out with his professionalism and knowledge. I decided to give him a chance- We left our former web company and have never looked back. Our website looks more professional and has drawn more traffic. I would definitely recommend.
Rich Durkin
Rich Durkin
Michael was so helpful, friendly, and easy to work with. Really spent time going over every aspect of building the site, Even took the time to help me cancel my previous hibu site.
Rita Hofberg
Rita Hofberg
I can not thank Michael enough for developing my website. I started with another designer and after many months they could not get it done. Not only did Michael get it done in less than 3 weeks (ahead of schedule) but the design is incredible. My family and close friends who have seen it have all given it a 🎉👍 I would highly recommend him

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